Keeping your production facilities going with the Grand Petroleum’s Optimus and Optimus Plus range of industrial lubricants. Our Optimus Range of Lubricants are designed to meet and exceed the most challenging conditions in your production place.

Grand Optimus Hydraulic Oils

Grand Optimus Hydraulic Oils is a range of high-viscosity-index base oils derived from Virgin Base oils and unique performance additives resulting in outstanding low and high-temperature performance, improved wear resistance and varnish control to deliver maximum hydraulic system performance and life yielding Optimal equipment protection above and beyond the capabilities of comparable mineral oil-based products.

Grand Optimus Industrial Gear Oil

Grand Optimus Industrial Gear Oil range incorporates the latest advances in additives technology, these special lubricants are designed to solve problems and to guarantee trouble-free working at severe ambient conditions. Formulated with high quality virgin base oils and synergistically acting additives to improve ageing resistance, load carrying capacity and wear protection; yielding an exceptional ability to resist micro pitting wear which can occur with some highly loaded, case-hardened gearing applications.

The Grand Optimus industrial gear oils provide exceptional oil life, deposit control, resistance to thermal/oxidation and chemical degradation as well as other performance features which helps to protect gears in severe service applications where other EP oils often fail. Optimus Gear Oils are recommended for users looking for longer oil life and significantly improved gear box reliability and performance.

Grand Optimus Compressor Oils

Grand Optimus Compressor Oils are a range of long-life, premium compressor lubricants based on highly advanced technology. It incorporates the highest quality, thermally stable virgin base oils fortified with premium non-detergent additives for maximum protection at high temperatures, effectively reducing maintenance and waste oil disposal costs.

Optimus range of compressor oils boasts low friction properties, resists viscosity increase from oxidation and helps improve operating efficiency, anti-foam and anti-wear fortified. Good foam control reduces heat, oxidation and wear. High contact regions are protected against wear for increased compressor life and lower maintenance costs. It is formulated to protect compressors better and last longer in service, especially during hot operating conditions.

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